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Shauna Chin Talks Criminal Minds

Original article:

As it continues to spread that Jamaican-born actress Shauna Chin has landed a role on the hit CBS series, Criminal Minds, the actress is still trying to wrap her head around the news. Though the role will see her character remaining on screen for only a short space of time, the budding actress is adamant that this opportunity will be the beginning of even greater things.

Though sketchy, a Sunday Gleaner interview with the actress saw her revealing details surrounding her part in the series and how much the role means to her as an actress. "I can't speak much about the role until after its air date, because the script and plot are pretty vital to keep unknown, but I will play a doctor alongside Matthew Gray Gubler, who plays Dr Spencer Reid, one of the cast leads," she said.

"My character is in a rush, so I won't be onscreen for a very long time and even though it's a smaller role than I'm used to, this is a much larger stage with a wider audience, so that's a pretty big deal by Hollywood standards."

She also revealed that the expected air date for the episode will be on February 4, 2015 under the title, 'Hero Worship.' Chin also described what the audition process was like, saying, "On this platform, you have to audition for even the roles where all you're saying is 'Hello', and then you as the actor then become creative in delivering the word 'Hello' in all the variations," she revealed before stating that she had auditioned for a role on the show some time ago. "I auditioned for this casting office before for other roles and I think I made my own personal impression on their office, because when this role became available, they requested me to come in to audition."

Joy And Excitement

Chin then recalled how she felt the moment she found out she had officially been given the part.

"I went in, did my thing and was certain I did horribly because I was so nervous," she said. A week went by after the auditions and Chin revealed she had forgotten about it when she got the call.

"The telephone rang and it was the casting assistant telling me that I was at the top of their list of choices, so now I was officially placed 'on hold' to shoot," she said.

"I still tried to not get too excited, because plans could fall through at anytime, then the production office called with the confirmation and sent me the script. I was at my uncle's house, all the family was together, everybody was just so happy and so proud. It was touching." Many may be familiar with Chin for her role as Claudine Chambers (Richard Blackburn's fiancÈe) on the Blackburns of Royal Palm Estate, and although her part in Criminal Minds may open big doors for the actress, she is remaining humble. "Well, it (the role) certainly doesn't mean that now I'll get all the roles I audition for in the future, nor does it mean that I'll only get roles of this calibre now," she explained. "I'll still certainly have to continue working hard for those. What it does mean though is that now I have climbed into a higher category of actors, which means even stronger competition. So now it's game on."

Criminal Minds is an American television series which follows an elite squad of Federal Bureau of Investigations profilers who analyse the country's most twisted criminal minds in hopes of anticipating the perpetrators' next move before they can strike again. It stars Shemar Moore, A.J. Cooke and Matthew Gray Gubler, among others.

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