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Campaign to Reclaim Lives

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Greenhope Services for Women Inc. Kicks Off 100-Day Campaign to Reclaim Lives, Reunite Families & Rebuild Communities

Celebrities, Community Leaders & Those Wanting to Make a Difference Pledge to Give! | #GiveHopetoGreenhope #GreenhopeChallenge #100Kin100Days

(New York, NY) – March 22, 2016 – Greenhope Services for Women kicks off a major crowd-funding campaign today with Orange is the New Black’s Annie Golden and Jimmy Gary, radio/TV personality G. Keith Alexander, actors Clifton Powell star of Bounce TV’s New Saints & Sinners Series, Phyllis Yvonne Stickney who is debuting her new one-woman show and Shauna Chin of Jamaica’s number one television series The Blackburns of Royal Palm Estate. They join other celebrities, activist, artists, community and thought leaders and locals in a pledge to take the Greenhope Challenge to give daily their support for 100 days. The CROWDRISE campaign was created to help the 41-year-old non-profit support women recovering from substance addiction. Greenhope’s goal is to raise $100,000 in 100 days toward the continued operation of the Harlem-based facility. To support or donate, visit:

“Everyone needs a second chance,” says Dr. Alethea Simon, CRC, Greenhope’s President and Executive Director. “Greenhope is just that for women who are looking to change their environment and life. We offer them a unique alternative and safe haven through our extensive, woman-centered rehabilitation programming.”

Greenhope 2015 graduate Linda M. attests to the impact of the organization’s assistance: “Greenhope is important to me because they helped me to get the tools I need to stay focused and stay clean and sober. And no matter what I’m going through I can always reach out and talk to somebody there.” Nicole O., another client, adds: “If it wasn’t for Greenhope, I would be homeless or in jail.”

Greenhope, a residential treatment center housing up to 72 women and 28 children, aims to empower women involved in substance abuse and the criminal justice system to reclaim their lives, reunite with their families, and rebuild their communities. In addition to therapeutic counseling, Greenhope offers educational and vocational training, HIV prevention, and parenting guidance for clients who are mothers. The organization serves more than 200 women annually and to date has helped more than 5,000 women reclaim their lives. Greenhope Housing, which opened in 1990, extends Greenhope’s support to women residing in 48 single resident occupancy (SRO) units. Many of Greenhope Housing’s tenants are graduates of Greenhope’s treatment program.

“Greenhope needs greater donor support in order to continue fulfilling its mission,” Dr. Simon says. “We hope to hear from more, but if just 1,000 people give $1 for 100 days, we will be able to reach our goal.” She adds that Greenhope’s leadership opted to save the costs of producing a big-ticket fund-raising event this year with a grassroots, internet-based crowd-funding campaign to increase awareness and expand the organization’s donor base.

“We’re looking to the community and community leaders, thought leaders, artists and activists, those with an interest in and substance abuse recovery and criminal justice reform, and anyone who cares about women and families to support our efforts,” Dr. Simon says. “Every bit helps to change – and save – a life.”

Greenhope was established in 1975 in a convent that was transformed into a comprehensive residential treatment program for formerly incarcerated women. Over the years, it has developed formal relationships with the criminal justice system and has expanded its work to include services for women on parole and those referred by the courts as an alternative to incarceration (ATI). Located in East Harlem, Greenhope's commitment to providing quality services to predominantly poor African American and Latina ex-offenders has made it a leader in working with women to address the problems that lead to a life of drugs and crime. It is one of the few woman-centered facilities in New York State that serves both parolees and ATI clients.

Greenhope provides three major programs: Residential Treatment, Outpatient Treatment Services and Supportive Housing. Greenhope is also involved in local and statewide policy and advocacy efforts that address the specific needs of women in prison. To support or donate to Greenhope, visit:

For more information, contact: Arielle-Wren, Inc.

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