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Shauna Chin® is an international Actress, Writer and Director most known for her guest starring role on Jamaica's number one television series "The Blackburns of Royal Palm Estate" and the Festival De Cannes award winning short film "Choices". On June 6, 2011 she was appointed NAJASO Goodwill Ambassador to Jamaica where she liaisons between the Govt. of Jamaica and it's Diaspora to increase reinvestment in sports, entertainment and culture.


Born on March 25th in Montego Bay, Jamaica, Shauna provides support for Orphanages around the world and is an avid supporter of survivors of Human Trafficking.  Her original quote to say is "Either be a Bull Rider, or watch from the sidelines baby!". She officially issued trademark notification of the use of the name 'Shauna Chin' as a brand as of March 3, 2010.


Fun Fact about Shauna: She is a Jedi Ninja and LOVES cartoons!


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