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"I choose not to be in the media"

Original article:

It has been reported that the popular Jamaican actress Shauna Chin, barred Gully Bop’s former lover Laniece Anderson from infringing on her trademark.

Anderson had been using the trademarked name ‘Shauna Chin’ as her stage name.

When The Jamaican Blogs™ caught up with the actress, she stated that there is no bad blood between herself and Gully Bop’s ex-fiancee and promptly highlighted her desire to maintain her privacy.

She provided us with the following statement:

"There is absolutely no feud between myself and the artiste Laniece Anderson. It was no secret that there was a pending legal issue, persons were aware but it was something I was hoping to resolve without it being paraded in the media.

My team did contact the entertainer to refrain from using the trademarked name Shauna Chin to perform however I have never spoken to any media entity, nor has anyone from my team so I was just as surprised to see it in the news yesterday."

Once the story was released, popular blogs began picking up the story and it took on a life of it’s own. Feuds are personal, this is business. Anyone with a business savvy mind should have anticipated that this was coming. I am not claiming that no other person can be named Shauna Chin, I am stating that no other business or professional entity is allowed to use that name.

Once she began using the name to perform on largely popular billed shows such as Sumfest, my legal team initiated the cease and desist process. This is not a new concept.

I’m a very quiet person and I try to stay out of the media unless it’s about promoting a project that is set to debut, because I’m not ready to give up my privacy. I don’t have a lot of fans because I market myself to a specific target market.

De same mout wha say Boo a de same mout wha say Rae, so I don’t subscribe to antics and chasing fans. People either follow along for the ride or they don’t, it doesn’t make a difference to me as long as my work is getting done.

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