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Shauna Chin®

Nationality: Jamaican

Citizenship: Jamaica | USA | Dual Citizenship

Appointment: NAJASO Goodwill Ambassador to Jamaica's Diaspora 


Shauna uses her professional training as a Registered Nurse to augment her humanitarian efforts and uses her notoriety as an Actress to raise awareness.

Present Appointment

Goodwill Ambassador, Jamaica Consulate Los Angeles, June 2014 - Present

Goodwill Ambassador, NAJASO, June 2011 - Present

Professional Qualifications

2014 Consulate Representative

2011 Mentee of Former UN Ambassador Andrew Young

2011 Diaspora Ambassador

2010 International Actress

2008 United States Army Veteran

2003 Registered Nurse


2003  B.Sc. Nursing - Wayne State University (Advanced Second degree program)

2002  B.A. Health Business Administration - Davenport University (President Award for academic excellence)

1998  91W MOS Specialty (Nurse) - United States Army (First Class Honours with a Mark of Distinction for work of special merit)

Academic Qualifications

2002 Michigan Nurse of the Year Award


Consular Affairs

Diaspora Affairs


Government Protocol

Public Speaking

Fluent: English


Studying: French, Spanish, Swahili


Dialects: Patois



Work Experience

2014  Dir. Protocol - Jamaica Consulate Los Angeles - Los Angeles, California

2014  Board Member - Caribbean American Repertory Theatre West - Los Angeles, California

2011  Goodwill Ambassador - National Assoc. of Jamaican and Supportive Organizations - Washington, DC

2011  Board Member - The Rev. Leon Sullivan Foundation

2011  Panelist - ACT Against AIDS with BET Rap It Up and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

2010  Board Member - Universal Music Benefit for Orphanages - New York, New York

2010  Advisory Committee Member - Caribbean Heritage Organization - Los Angeles, California

2004  Registered Nurse - Board of Nursing Michigan and California

2003  Deputy Administrator - MediLodge Howell, MI

2002  Lecturer / Dept. Chair Medical Curriculum - Dorsey Business Schools Southgate, Michigan

Diplomatic Experience

2015 Representative- Diaspora Conference - Cleveland, Ohio

2014 Representative -Diaspora Conference - Washington, DC

2013 Representative - Diaspora Conference - Montego Bay, Jamaica

2012 Representative - Diaspora Conference - Buffalo, New York

2012 Delegate - Africa Rising Summit w/ President Teodoro Obiang - Malabo, Equatorial Guinea

2011 Mentee - Former UN Ambassador Andrew Young

2008 Delegate Audience of His Excellency Ato Girma W. Giorgis - Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

2008 Representative of Jamaica - African Diaspora Summit w/ President Jakaya Kikwete - Arusha, Tanzania

Humanitarian Platform

Basic Human Rights

Breast Cancer awareness


HIV Awareness

Human Trafficking



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