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'Setting up' Shauna Chin

Original article:

Hey guys,

This week should prove very interesting, especially with this new matchmaker venture coming up. Confused? Let me help you out a bit, remember Hollywood actress Shauna Chin? I recently introduced her to you, and as expected, I’ve received a flurry of e-mails and comments about the piece, especially about her single status. Naturally the idea of playing matchmaker as a great way to wind down after the Olympics took root. In our last interview the rock-born international starlet said her beau would most preferably be from her homeland Jamaica, so here’s list of a few potentially eligible bachelors courtesy of Sour Skittles (of course with some of our Olympians at the top of the list), for her to choose from with your help, yay! Just leave a comment at the end with your pick from our 10 possible candidates!

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10. Floyd Green (G2K President): She’s the National Ambassador to Jamaica’s diaspora, so the G2K President would fit well with both their political agendas, and we hear he’s quite charming too.

9. Oraine Barrett ( International Supermodel): The supermodel’s chiseled body and striking features gets him on the list, plus he is all about hard work and humility just like she is. But just so they don’t fight over the mirror, he’s at number 9.

8. Protoje (Reggae Artiste): She’s a self-proclaimed tomboy, so perhaps she might like to fall in love with a Rastaman? Hmmm…

7. Storm Saulter (Film Director): The two would make a dynamic film duo, and quite a handsome couple, right?

6. Damion Crawford (Junior Minister, Tourism): No bias here, since we had a JLP pick, let’s give her a PNP contender and rep both political parties. Of course the same reasons apply to both candidates *wink*

5. Speaking of which, Damian Marley (Reggae Artiste): … or any of the Marleys really … makes it to our number 5 spot. They’re all handsome and blend well with her international appeal. Damian seems to have less women than the rest though, so he’s the first pick. Lol.

4. Adam Hyde (Actor): He co-stars with her on The Blackburnsas Richard Blackburn every week, so with all that kissing on each other, sparks may soon begin to fly.

3. Yohan Blake (Olympian): We have it on good authority that her play sister is married to his manager, interesting innit? *Hint Hint.

2. Usain Bolt (Olympian): Though it may be very rare for the sprint king to ever place second, we feel his jovial personality seems to fit the always-laughing starlet quite nicely, so it was an extremely close call with our number one pick.

But… before the revelation, this was the actress’ response to what she is looking for in a potential beau:

“I don’t know if I can be tamed right now. [lLaughs] Single doesn’t mean I’m lonely, plus I’m pretty moody, especially when it’s time to work. I imagine it would have to be a guy who completes me so much that I would have no choice but to pay attention. Someone who is funny, and enjoys laughing and spending time with friends and family as much as I do, but understands when it’s time to get serious and grind hard at work… someone who can party to dancehall one night, and then fly out the next day with me to go address the leader of a nation.“

  1. With that said, our number one pick is … *drum roll please*… Asafa Powell. His humble demeanor seems to fit the starlet best. Plus he’s also good looking, articulate and well liked by pretty much everyone, so he has my vote.

So what are your thoughts peeps, was anyone left off the list?

Don’t forget to post your comments below and check back next Monday for Shauna’s response to our picks.

UPDATE: Since we spoke to Shauna last month, she has completed filming the horror film 12/12/12 about a new mother who comes to realise her newborn baby Sebastian – born on the Mayan prophecy of end of days 12/12/12 – is actually the spawn of hell once those around him begin to die! The film is set for release on December 4th on DVD and Video on Demand. She is also heading to Africa in eight days with The Leon Sullivan Foundation as a guest of President Obiang Nguema Mbasogo, where they will be conducting a summit on various topics, including how Equatorial Guinea has improved in their advancement of issues involving human rights violations. Go Shauna!

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