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Jamaican Diva Shauna Chin

Original article:

Jamaican Diva Shauna Chin has landed a role on the popular CBS series Criminal Minds.

The Los Angeles based actress, who hails from Montego Bay Jamaica, began shooting on December 10, 2014. Although an air date has not been set, Shauna will appear briefly as a doctor.

“You can do anything as long as you have a plan” Chin told Jamaican Diva. Chin is best known for her guest starring role on Jamaica’s number one television series “The Blackburns of Royal Palms Estate and the Festival De Cannes award winning short film Choices.

A US Military Veteran and trained nurse, Shauna humanitarian platform involves Basic Human Rights,Breast Cancer awareness, Education, HIV Awareness, Human Trafficking and Orphanages. She has teamed up with The Leon H. Sullivan Foundation, with whom she has traveled to Ethiopia, Tanzania and Zanzibar to learn more about the situation and the conditions in these areas. Chin has held seats on the Board of Directors for the Universal Music Benefit for Orphanages that serves to provide health care and educational benefits to various orphanages around the world, and on the Advisory Committee for the Caribbean Heritage Organization that serves to address all political and social issues concerning Caribbean descendants living in the United States. Chin is also an avid supporter of survivors of Human Trafficking and the Jamaica Diaspora.

In 2011 she was appointed National Association of Jamaican and Supportive Organizations Goodwill Ambassador to Jamaica where she liaisons between the Govt. of Jamaica and its Diaspora to increase reinvestment in sports, entertainment and culture.

Congrats Shauna, although it’s a small role, we know you will parlay it into big things as we Jamaican’s do.

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