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“Check Your Boobs” Ad Campaign

Original article:

To coincide with Mammogram Awareness Day, Jamaican born actress Shauna Chin most loved in her role as “Claudine” in the hit show “Blackburn of Royal Palm Estate” rolls out new ads for her Check Your Boobs campaign for a second year in a row. The breast cancer awareness campaign, which emphasizes the importance of early detection through regular self-breast exams, is the first of its kind to bring about awareness for women and their families of African American and Caribbean decent.

Chin’s involvement with the serious disease came about from a very personal experience in her life. “I lost my friend, Racquel Harvey, to breast cancer in January of 2011 and I lost my mind. To regain my sanity after losing her, I used my previous training as a registered nurse to create this campaign to help others. The nudity in the first campaign shocked many, mostly due to my quiet personality. However for me, the nudity represents the place of vulnerability that this disease took me to when it brought me to my knees. I hope that this will be a learning resource for all families, as we increase the concept of preventive medicine,” says Chin.

The Check Your Boobs campaign does not raise funds. Its sole focus is to provide education and resources to make people aware of the symptoms, warning signs, preventative measures, and solutions to combating breast cancer. To do so, she has created a site to house and provide up-to-date information at It is the first campaign to focus on learning as a family to keep each other healthy and knowledgeable.

“There are so many things you can do to make sure you, your partner, and the people in your family and your community are aware. It’s a disease that we will fight and cure. And I believe it. I believe it because I promised someone who meant the world to me that I would let people know,” urges Chin.

Shauna Chin is an international actress, writer and director most known for her guest starring role on Jamaica's number one television series "The Blackburns" and the award winning short film "Choices.” She was appointed NAJASO National Ambassador to Jamaica where she liaisons between the government of Jamaica and the diaspora to increase reinvestment in sports, entertainment and culture. For more information please visit

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