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PEP Talk! Radio interview

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PEP Talk! Radio interview with actress and humanitarian, SHAUNA CHIN

The Caribbean is famous for giving birth to a melting pot of cultures, talents and a myriad of stars. So it should come as no surprise to witness the rising star of Jamaican-born Shauna Chin in the galaxy of actresses to watch. Shauna has made the transition from nursing into the glitzy world of entertainment, and has hit the proverbial ground running.

The budding actress is set to grace the silver screen in the upcoming action film "Spychosis", playing the role of assassin Victoria Bain sent to kill the lead character, played by Hollywood veteran Tom Arnold of "True Lies" and many other film credits. She recently wrapped her fourth season with acclaimed caribbean film director Lennie Little-White in the caribbean soap opera "The Blackburns of Royal Palm Estates" playing the virginal lawyer Claudine and the featurette "Choices" produced by Swimming Wings Productions, where she played the role closest to home as an ER nurse.

A striking beauty in her own right, she never passes up an opportunity to give back, and during her recent but eventful emergence onto the scene, the energetic upcoming star is also a dedicated Humanitarian. She serves on the Board of Directors of the Irvin "Carrot" Jarrett Philanthropic group that aides and adopts Children's Orphanages in Kenya. She supports intimately the Non-Profit Organizations 'Boys of Destiny' and 'Save Our Boys Lives' whose mandate is to keep young males off the streets of Jamaica. Additionally, Shauna works with the Leon Sullivan Foundation that facilitates improving relations in tourism and economic trade with the African continent. The actress travels with the Foundation to African countries where they provide hands-on care and mentorship.

READ MORE at and tune in tomorrow night on PEP Talk Radio to hear from Shauna herself.

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