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Rock the Cloth with a Jet Setter

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Our dear friend, actress and model Shauna Chin is on The Rock for a visit and has already changed her flight plans three times because things just keep popping up: this event to attend, that commercial to shoot and a host of other things in-between. So having packed for just one week, and now approaching week three, we've no doubt had to intervene and offer some assistance with wardrobe, so with the prospect of hitting the ground running on her return to LA, we asked Shauna, just how she would Rock the Cloth, for the countless upcoming events on her calendar.

We identified some dresses, consulted on fabric choices and played around with some silhouettes, and here's what we came up with:

LOOK 1: Red is not a colour Shauna would normally wear, but she recently partnered with the CDC (Centre of Disease Control) and BET in the US on an initiative called Wrap It Up, which is a programme aimed at encouraging inner-city adolescents to protect themselves by wearing condoms, getting tested and being knowledgeable and aware of HIV and AIDS. Magic Johnson recently joined that particular movement and will host a gala and benefit. This red dress and her red sole heels are what Shauna would step out in for the event.

LOOK 2: Living in LA, Shauna attends her share of movie premieres; this look is a slight deviation from the typical LBD. The fabric is interesting with the chiffon frills, so draped and broached is a perfect look for Shauna to attend one such event.

LOOK 3: Always looking forward to some down time and hanging out with "her girls", this is a piece Shauna would choose for one such evening. A simple stretch knit with a graphic print made into a tube dress is belted and jazzed up with her off-white pumps.

LOOK 4: Confidence in oneself is a mantra of Shauna's, and as a mentor she encourages young women to be just that. In identifying your style, make sure that whatever you wear makes you feel like your best self. Now a bold floral print with large red roses is normally something Shauna would avoid as it would draw attention to her size, which no woman wants, but she was somehow drawn to this sumptuous silk fabric, and draped into this cowl dress. Truth be told Shauna really rocked it.

LOOK 5: This luxurious purple silk, in a flowing silhouette (her favourite), showing some leg, because hers goes on for miles, made Shauna feel like a million bucks. Cranked up on these gorgeous platform pumps...she loved this look and looks forward to wearing something just like it to the premiere of her new movie.

LOOK 6: Shauna doesn't get to date much with her busy schedule, so she looks forward to dressing up and feeling sexy for an evening out with a special guy. This is the perfect look for her for a date night.

Look 3 is the simplest to achieve, find a fabric you love and:

1. Working on the wrong side, drape it across your body or a dress form, under your arm and up to one shoulder.

2. Pin in place

3. Then pin in place the open end under arm to upper thigh, determining a comfortable arm hole and slit

4. Stitch shoulder and side seam shut and you're done

5. Dress up shoulder of the dress with a broach (if desired) and ROCK IT!!!

Images: Marc Evans

Model: Shauna Chin

Make-up: Angelie Martin-Spencer

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